Social Media Screening

Unlock the power of Social Media Screening – safeguard your reputation, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions.

Social Media Screening

Social Media Screening

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We can help you strengthen your existing risk management frameworks to avoid any regulatory
fines as well expensive lawsuits, and reputational damages.

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Efficiently Delivered Recruitment Insights

Our Neotas Platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process thousands of social media posts per case and automatically categorise them into risks.

Analysing 3000+ tweets can be done in seconds.

We deliver clear and concise risk reports to you within 48 hours.

Accuracy & Compliance

Our GDPR compliant social media background checks remove unconscious hiring bias from the process. This safeguards recruitment personnel and candidates alike.

Only relevant ‘key identifiers’ are mapped out in reports such as aliases, nicknames and locations.

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Every Platform In One Place

We search over 300 social platforms globally, even down to niche hobby and location-specific channels.

Using a combination of NLP and AI, we process social posts in over 200 languages and provide full context and translation within our social media reports.

Clearly Identifiable Behavioural Risks

Relevant risks are uncovered such as violence, discrimination, illegal activities and more.

Our reports have proven to stop the hiring of dangerous or damaging individuals. We often uncover risks hidden in plain sight.

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Case Studies

The latest case studies for our employment screening solutions.

Our online screening of this candidate’s online activity revealed troubling results relating to confidentiality and personal behaviours.

Neotas were tasked to conduct online reputation screening on a new hire in a high-risk position.

Neotas’ online screening of this candidate helped confirm their suitability for a senior management role.

We leverage Open source intelligence (OSINT) to use publicly available data to provide organizations with hyper-accurate and fully auditable insights with no false positives.

Improve Efficiencies

Improve analyst efficiencies, including cost and time reduction of minimum 25% with zero false positives.

Reduce Blindspots

The FCA recommends open source Internet checks as best practice (FG 18/5). Manage and reduce risk by incorporating 100% of online sources into your processes.

Ongoing Monitoring

Manage risk with hyper accurate ongoing monitoring. We will monitor 100% of publicly available online data to help identify relevant risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We present results that include one of the following risk indicators:

  • Extreme views / opinions
  • Hate and discriminatory behaviour
  • Illegal activities
  • Inappropriate / undesirable content
  • Potential addiction or substance abuse
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Violent content
  • Other

Absolutely. We are delighted when we can confirm the suitability of a candidate for our clients and the report includes positive indicators such as charitable work and volunteering.

We can turnaround social media reports in 48 hours.

For social media screening, we only require the typical information you would find on a candidate’s CV. A full name, personal email, mobile phone number and some employment history.

When conducting social media background checks in-house, you expose yourself to claims of bias because you cannot “unsee” any protected characteristic information. Using an independent expert third party is more consistent, faster and compliant.

Yes. All our checks are GDPR compliant.

Yes. The FCA, for instance, expect any information in the public domain to be known by the employer. A lack of knowledge would be hard to defend.

We do not report on protected characteristics or have a bias in our process. However, it is extraordinary how much publicly available information we can uncover to give you a full picture. 

Yes, we are able to process data in over 200 languages.